Is this really the best way to make sure the data transfered from your PCW partners is working as expected?

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Automated Mappings Testing

Peace of mind... 
that your client's data is passed accurately via your most valuable sales channel

In the United Kingdom, the majority of general insurance is sold via the price comparison web sites (PCWs). Price comparison provides a valuable service for the introduction of business to providers. The deep-links into the provider’s sites are a key part of the service which facilitates the customer’s speedy completion of the transaction. 

Once transferred, customers mostly choose to go immediately to the ‘buy now’ button. This means that the policy information is agreed by the ‘question-weary’ customer, without checking.

Incorrect material facts can affect the accuracy of the quote, jeopardize the payment of any future claim and harm customer relations.

For these reasons, PCWs and providers need to make sure that the data transfer links are tested regularly for accuracy. 

The problem is manual checking is tedious, time consuming, costly, limited in scope and subject to error.

We have the answer

We have automated the testing of the aggregator's mappings to your site...


Automated testing delivers superior results compared to a manual process thanks to larger risk test packs and elimination of human error. 


Four-corner question set testing catches the mapping errors that manual processes can miss.

Value for money

In comparison to hiring staff on minimum wage (2019, 25yrs and over), our service is approx a quarter of the cost of performing an equivalent process manually

For many years we provided pricing data in small batches using our custom built web tool which acts as a web site intelligent agent (IA). 

The IA intelligently submits insurance risk information to websites in the same way that an insurance proposal is entered by a person.

So, by designing risk baskets around each possible answer on the PCW, we compare the data accuracy at the PCW and at the provider’s site and  find the issues you need to know about.

Now it's easy to check that the data is right.

A four-corner test of the question set 

Our comprehensive data dictionary has every question used by the PCWs. Our batch-building software designs risk baskets to test every question and is efficient in size and thorough in coverage. 

We process risks for...

  1. Private Car - Many cars, many occupations and up to 5 drivers, adverse history, vehicle modifications, comp and non comp - every question, every dropdown, every checkbox 
  2. Commercial Vehicle - Many vans, many occupations and up to 5 drivers, adverse history, vehicle modifications, comp and non comp - every question, every dropdown, every checkbox
  3. Household - Every house type, many occupations, single and joint proposers, buildings, contents, combined, specified and unspecified personal possessions away from home, accidental damage - every question, every dropdown, every checkbox

Our powerful system scrutinises questions and answers in a way that the manual process simply cannot compete; with high speed of operation and with total consistency. 

How does it work?


We design a powerfull & efficient test batch

Our system uses our comprehensive data dictionary to design a four-corner test batch which can be used with any PCW


We visit the

Using our servers, our system visits both the PCW and the provider's site with the risk data from the test batch. We compare the site data with the test data from stage one 


We report our findings 
to you

We compile a series of powerful and in-depth reports which quickly show you where the problems are. Complete with screen-shots of the issues, you will easily be able to communicate the nature and intensity of any problems with your partners


Fatal Error Report

Where faulty data now
prevents the provider’s site
from quoting.

The customer cannot buy!

Missing Data Report

Where risk information failed to be transferred leaving unanswered questions on the provider's questionaire.

Partial Match Report

Indicates a problem with how data is interpreted and is often due to differences in how questions are phrased.

Premium Change

The premium shown on the PCW is now altered on the provider's page.

The client cannot buy at the premium the PCW offered.

Wide choice of options

Which PCWs to test?

Car / VanCompare
Quote Zone

*Subject to their agreement

Required policy type?

Private Car
Commercial Vehicle

What type of platform?

Internet Explorer

*Mobile & Tablet Simulation
with Chrome and Safari is in development

How often do you need the service?

12 tests (monthly)
6 tests (bi-monthly)
4 tests (quarterly)
3 tests per year
2 tests (six monthly)

All available on an annual contract with built in NDA

Over the last 22 years we have helped intermediated insurers,
direct writers, brokers and charities

 Here are some of the client's we have helped


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